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Fast Line Safety Training is devoted to building a safer, competent workforce in the construction industry. For employers, it can be difficult to keep track of all your workers' certifications and their expiration dates, especially when you're busy doing countless other tasks. With Fast Line Team Management System, you can easily navigate all your field employees and their certifications to ensure everyone is up to date with their necessary certifications so they can stay safe and stay on the job. 

Staying consistent with each employee's training allows them to be up-to-date on all the new standards and regulations in that certification area. To be efficient and safe on the job, employees must have the necessary, updated tools in their area of work; Fast Line Team Management System not only makes it easier to view each of your field employee's certification at the click of a button, but mitigates the risk of an employee working without a current certification and without the latest knowledge of that certification area. 


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With Fast Line Team Management System, you can track all of your employees' certifications, whether if it's in an area Fast Line Safety Training teaches – or not – you can track it in our easy-to-use software. Once you select a plan that suits your needs and number of employees, we will get your account created, and you can start uploading and tracking. 


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Fast Line Team Management System is highly-customizable, as you can track anything with an expiration date; try tracking your employees' ID, or a company vehicle's inspection. With Fast Line Team Management System, you can ensure your entire company is always operating with current documents.

Once your account is created and you sign in, you will be met with a simplistic, lean dashboard where you can immediately begin uploading employees and their certifications. Once uploaded you can easily view, edit, or delete an employee at the click of a button. 

Do you have dozens of employees? You can quickly filter your table by first name, last name, or certification type.


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