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Our Power Industrial Truck (P.I.T.) course curriculum

combines a plethora of training, such as formal instruction, practical

training and learning, and assessing the operators performance in the workplace and with equipment. 

Fast Line Safety Training delivers high-quality, hands-on training at your location. 


Power Industrial Truck (P.I.T.)

Operator Training

- Counterbalanced Forklift (Class 1, 4, & 5)

- Stand-Up Narrow Aisle Forklift (Class 2)

- Electric Pallet Jack (Class 3)

- Tugger (Class 6)

- Rough Terrain Forklift (Class 7)


- Students that satisfactorily complete the course are issued temporary cards on-site

- Double-sided face ID cards are issued to all students within two weeks after the class completion date

- Completion cards are valid for three years and in all 50 states

PIT Power Industrial Truck Operator Card


  • Federal Regulations

  • Company | Site | Manufacturer

  • State Regulations

  • Safe Operation of Powered Industrial Trucks

  • Risk Factors

  • Statistics

  • What is a Powered Industrial Truck (P.I.T.)?

  • Class 1 Electric Truck

  • Class 2 Electric Truck

  • Class 3 Hand Truck

  • Class 4 Truck

  • Class 5 Truck

  • Class 6 Industrial Tractor Truck

  • Class 7 Rough Terrain Truck

  • These are NOT Powered Industrial Trucks

  • Manual

  • Material Handling System

  • Operating Safely

  • First Rules of Safety

  • What Do They Weigh?

  • Data Plate

  • Reach Forklift Indicators

  • Load Chart

  • Outriggers

  • Steering Modes - Reach Forklift

  • Tires

  • Operator Daily Checklist

  • Safety Decals

  • Safety Devices

  • Approved PIT Attachments

  • Forks

  • PIT Work Platforms

  • Facility Characteristics

  • Safe Travel Rules

  • Intersection Procedures

  • Important Review

  • Safe Travel Rules

  • Emergency Stops / Braking

  • Safe Load Handling Concepts

  • Center of Gravity

  • Combined Center of Gravity

  • Centrifugal Force

  • Inertia

  • Load Center

  • PIT’s Tip Because of Load

  • Picking up a Load

  • Traveling with a Load

  • Placing a Load

  • Ramp Procedures

  • Dock Procedures

  • Dock and Ramp Procedures

  • Off Dock or Tip Over – Sit Down

  • Energized Power Lines

  • Diesel | Gasoline| CNG-Refueling Process

  • Refueling a Propane Powered PIT

  • Safe Battery Charging Area

  • Safe Battery Handling

  • Don’t Leave Your PIT Unattended

  • Safe Parking Rules

  • 3 Point Contact


Students must earn a 75% or more on their final evaluation to successfully complete the training. Students are required to complete 100% of the course and actively participate in all learning activities in both the written and practical portions of the training. Make-up time is not allowed. 

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Or, give us a call to learn more about the training: (516) 996-5333

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