Our Power Industrial Truck (P.I.T.) course curriculum

combines a plethora of training, such as formal instruction, practical

training and learning, and assessing the operators performance in the workplace and with equipment. 

Fast Line Safety Training is proudly partnered with EPRO Safety Solutions to deliver high-quality, hands-on training at your location. 


Power Industrial Truck (P.I.T.)

Operator Training

- Counterbalanced Forklift (Class 1, 4, & 5)

- Stand-Up Narrow Aisle Forklift (Class 2)

- Electric Pallet Jack (Class 3)

- Tugger (Class 6)

- Rough Terrain Forklift (Class 7)


- Students that satisfactorily complete the course are issued temporary cards on-site

- Double-sided face ID cards are issued to all students within two weeks after the class completion date

- Completion cards are valid for three years and in all 50 states

PIT Power Industrial Truck Operator Card


  • Federal Regulations

  • Company | Site | Manufacturer

  • State Regulations

  • Safe Operation of Powered Industrial Trucks

  • Risk Factors

  • Statistics

  • What is a Powered Industrial Truck (P.I.T.)?

  • Class 1 Electric Truck

  • Class 2 Electric Truck

  • Class 3 Hand Truck

  • Class 4 Truck

  • Class 5 Truck

  • Class 6 Industrial Tractor Truck

  • Class 7 Rough Terrain Truck

  • These are NOT Powered Industrial Trucks

  • Manual

  • Material Handling System

  • Operating Safely

  • First Rules of Safety

  • What Do They Weigh?

  • Data Plate

  • Reach Forklift Indicators

  • Load Chart

  • Outriggers

  • Steering Modes - Reach Forklift

  • Tires

  • Operator Daily Checklist

  • Safety Decals

  • Safety Devices

  • Approved PIT Attachments

  • Forks

  • PIT Work Platforms

  • Facility Characteristics

  • Safe Travel Rules

  • Intersection Procedures

  • Important Review

  • Safe Travel Rules

  • Emergency Stops / Braking

  • Safe Load Handling Concepts

  • Center of Gravity

  • Combined Center of Gravity

  • Centrifugal Force

  • Inertia

  • Load Center

  • PIT’s Tip Because of Load

  • Picking up a Load

  • Traveling with a Load

  • Placing a Load

  • Ramp Procedures

  • Dock Procedures

  • Dock and Ramp Procedures

  • Off Dock or Tip Over – Sit Down

  • Energized Power Lines

  • Diesel | Gasoline| CNG-Refueling Process

  • Refueling a Propane Powered PIT

  • Safe Battery Charging Area

  • Safe Battery Handling

  • Don’t Leave Your PIT Unattended

  • Safe Parking Rules

  • 3 Point Contact


Students must earn a 75% or more on their final evaluation to successfully complete the training. Students are required to complete 100% of the course and actively participate in all learning activities in both the written and practical portions of the training. Make-up time is not allowed. 

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